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Re: debain on windows 2k


On Monday 05 March 2001 09:35, Subramaniam Aiyer (CTS) wrote:
> hi,
>      i am trying to install debian linux on my office computer which has
> only one hard disk i.e no partitions

whats that supposed to mean ?? have you got only one big partition ??

> can i go ahead with the insatllation or should i downgrade to windowsNT.
>      one of my friend who was installing red hat had to first downgrade to
> NT. Also, the sysadmin gave some reason of file systems. can anybody please
> explain further?
>                                                     thanx,
>                                                       INDSpeedFreak

the only problem i was facing in this constellation was the win2k 
don't ( i mean it ) install lilo in the mbr... you definetly will run into 
problems with win2k...
what i did was installing lilo in the /boot partition and then get an image 
of the bootsector and start it with the win2k bootmanager...
( but you should first install lilo on a floppy during debian setup and do 
the rest when the installations finished )

e.g. you installed lilo on /dev/hda2 you would do the following

dd if=/dev/hda2 bs=512 count=1 of=bootsect.deb

then you have a file bootsekt.deb in your current directory which you must 
move on the partition with win2k ( via floppy if the "C:" partition is ntfs ) 
and add a line
c:\bootsect.deb   "Debian"
to your boot.ini...

don't mind asking me for further details before starting ( if you don't know 
what i was talking about above )...
anyways... a backup is still recommended ( win2k can be some kind of strange 


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