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Re: pretty basic question!

on Sun, Mar 04, 2001 at 08:01:38PM -0000, David Aldred (biggles_007@lineone.net) wrote:
> In my quest too get the hang of using Linux...how do I access my win98
> drive?  98 is on the first partition, and Linux is on the second (swap
> file on third) Thanks :o) Oh, what files are able too be recognised bu
> linux?  Can I edit html files?

    man mount

Look also at /etc/fstab, if you're interested in creating a permanently
associated (and automatically mounted) win98 partition mount point on
your system.

GNU/Linux doesn't rely on (broken) file associations to the extent
Legacy MS Windows does.  You invoke a program on a file, in general.
E.g.:  vi foo.html

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