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Re: pretty basic question!

David Aldred wrote:

In my quest too get the hang of using Linux...how do I access my win98 drive?

98 is on the first partition, and Linux is on the second (swap file on third) Thanks :o)

Oh, what files are able too be recognised bu linux?

Can I edit html files?

You'll need a directory on your Linux partition to which the Win98 partition will be mounted (/mnt should do, if it's not being otherwise used, or you can create a directory, such as /Win98).

Then mount it with a command such as "mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /Win98" which says to mount the first partition on the first drive ("/dev/hda1"), which is of type "vfat" (FAT32), at the mountpoint named "/Win98"/

Then simply "ls /Win98" to see the contents of your Win98 partition.

All the files should be "recognizable" by Linux, but that doesn't mean they're "usable". For example, you might have a "InfectMeWithAVirus.EXE" file that Linux can see, but Linux can't run it (without using an emulator, such as DOSEMU or WINE, that is). Likewise, you might have an accounting program document; Linux can copy and rename and hexedit it, etc, but that doesn't mean that Linux can balance your books using it. Plain text files will come across well (but be aware that you might in some cases find that end of line markers cause some problems, since MS-DOS uses CR/LF and Linux uses newlines (I think that's correct)); most image files will come across okay, as will most sound files. Basically, your question is too broad to be adequately answered, but maybe this will give you some help.


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