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Re: moving/duplicating the mail spool

On Sun, 04 Mar 2001 17:19:14 EST, MaD dUCK writes:
>i am running a postfix/qpopper/task-imap/imp mail server and i would
>like to keep user's mail spools in $HOME rather than /var/mail. is
>this possible while still sticking to the debian package system?

I do that on one of my machines, the idea being that
- /home is bigger than /var
- I´d rather have /home full than /var if some luser manages to create 
  a mail loop or mail the newest windos service-pack to his whole 
  address book[0]

I´ve simply moved the spool-files to /home/$user/mailspool and symlinked 
 them from /var/spool/mail but YMMV, I´m using stock sendmail.


0: yes, I´ve seen that happen. twice[1].
1: yes, quotas are in place now.

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