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moving/duplicating the mail spool

i am running a postfix/qpopper/task-imap/imp mail server and i would
like to keep user's mail spools in $HOME rather than /var/mail. is
this possible while still sticking to the debian package system?

alternatively, is there a way to keep the mail spool in /var/mail but
also to duplicate it in $HOME? the reason is that i would like users
to be able to use imp, but i obviously, pop3 downloads either delete
mails of the server, or imp/imap access causes mail to be marked as
read, and the pop3 client won't download them anymore.

any ideas?


[greetings from the heart of the sun]# echo madduck@!#:1:s@\@@@.net
yesterday it worked.
today it is not working.
windows is like that.

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