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Re: Simple Woody install

The actual files you need from


Next you need to decide how you're doing things from here.  If you have a
pile of floppies, you can get all the drivers-* and base-* files from
images-1.44.  We're looking on the wrong side of 13 floppies for this

If you don't have 13 floppies or the patience, but DO have a partition you
can easily put 20 or megs somewhere near the root directory, you can get


Please note that the above refers to potato, there's no good way to
install straight woody ATM.  This will set you up a ~40M distribution with
enough functionality to choose what you want from that point.  You're
looking at a tough row to hoe for this, but if you think you can hack it,
go for it!

On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Kenny S wrote:
<wordwrap added...>
>Isn't there a reasonably easy method of installing a "bare bones" Woody
>OS without having to download 600+ mb of files?  Then use apt-get to
>install only what's needed or desired.  I HAD this problem with Win98 and
>it was a frustrating headach to clean-up after a fresh install.
>Thanks, -kenny-

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