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Unidentified subject!

I'm using 2.2r2 and kernel2.2.18pre21 on a PII 350.
Works great now after many reinstalls.  I have a Supra
Express 56K modem and when I initially set it up using
pppconfig I used the 115200 setting.  With that
setting I was getting time outs a lot with apt-get.  I
was advised to change it to 57600 (on other distro
that I have used I never had to change it from 115200)
and that decreased the number of timeouts greatly, but
using Netscape I have noticed that the downloads
speeds are at 300 to 500 bytes and sometimes faster
and it stalls a lot.  Has anyone else had this
problem, and how did you resolve it? Has anyone ever
changed the mtu and the mtr to 1472 in the
/etc/ppp/options? Would that help?
Any help would be appreciated.

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