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Re: StarOffice installation. - related problem?

On Sunday 04 March 2001 13:18, Remy Indebetouw wrote:

> one installed, i can only run the thing as root - as a user it
> complained about not finding /usr/local/office52/user/sofficerc
> so i made that file world writeable and now it just fails to start
> w/o any error.

It has been a while since I went through this, so this is all from my 
(faulty) memory.  I think there is or was a readme or install file in 
the tarball that explains what you need to do.  Basically as root you 
need to run the setup script with the /net switch.  This sets up a 
multi-user installation in /usr/local. Then, as each user, run the 
setup script again, without the /net switch.  This installs a subset of 
the installation in ~/soffice52 with your personal work files and 

budr@twocups:~$ du -s /usr/local/office52/
259900  /usr/local/office52
budr@twocups:~$ du -s ~/office52/
5844    /home/budr/office52

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