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Re: StarOffice installation. - related problem?

> > I'm trying to install Star Office 5.2 on Potato (2.2r2). I had
> > setup: permission denied.
> As best I remember, the setup script is not executable out of the box.
> You need to either make it executable, chmod u+x, or run it from a
> shell.  I think the README says something to that effect.  Any of these
> ought to do it.
> # . ./setup /net
> #sh ./setup /net
> #bash ./setup /net

dunno about ./setup, but i had to make the big file i downloaded
(so-5_2.-something-.bin) executable as bud says. then it installed

one installed, i can only run the thing as root - as a user it
complained about not finding /usr/local/office52/user/sofficerc
so i made that file world writeable and now it just fails to start w/o
any error.


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