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Re: StarOffice installation. - related problem?

Remy Indebetouw wrote:

<snip - trouble starting StarOffice>

one installed, i can only run the thing as root - as a user it
complained about not finding /usr/local/office52/user/sofficerc
so i made that file world writeable and now it just fails to start w/o
any error.

I've had a similar problem. I tried installing it to /usr/local/office52 as root via "setup /net", and that does fine, but then I can't run it as a normal user. So I wiped the /usr/local/office52 install and installed it as a normal user to that normal user's home directory, and that normal user can run it. So apparently there's somthing broken about the /net install.

Just passin' on info . . . .


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