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Re: shell script experts pls help a lost soul

On Sun, Mar 04, 2001 at 04:32:45AM -0000, john smith wrote:
> 1. my script doesn't seem to display the script name together with 
> whoami..actually,  what the script was supposed to do is when it is invoked, 
> it will display the user name together with the scriptname should the 
> scriptname gets changed somehow..it displays the username but not the 
> scriptname itself.

$1 is the first argument passed to the script.  The script's name is $0.

> 2. how do I add to this script the count of the number of lines in a file? 
> i.e. let's say cat's man page.

`wc -l` counts the number of lines in a file (or passed on stdin).

> 3.lastly,let's say I want to print the first line of each 3-char.h file in 
> /usr/include/lib..how can I accomplish this?

`head -1` displays the first line of a file.  To select your files, use shell
globs - * matches 0 or more characters, ? matches any single character.

Check the man pages for wc and head also; they can do some pretty neat (well,
maybe not all that neat - but very useful) stuff when passed other arguments.

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