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Re: HP LJ III with Jet Direct and Linux

> on Fri, Mar 02, 2001 at 01:30:11PM -0600, robhr@core.com
(robhr@core.com) wrote:
> > I have an old HP Laserjet III with an old JetDirect card in it
that I
> > have purchaed used.  I have to use the parallel port to print to
> > but would like to use the network card instead.  It was configured
> > running on another network, and there is some info to that respect
> > the diagnostic info I can print out.
> > I probably need to reconfigure it, but HP's tools don't detect it.
> > appears to want to use ipx, and I can see it sending stuff out on
> > network.  I figured it was a dhcp request, but dhcp doesn't see
> > Anyone know how to reset/configure these cards or have any ideas
> > things to try?  HP has been less than helpful.  TIA.
> What's the "status" page show you in terms of networking?  Does it
> you if TCP/IP is configured, or give an IP?  IIRC, on the HPLJIII,
> can walk through the menus on the onboard display to set up
> -- you've got an LED display on the right hand side of the box?
> HP's online info is pretty good.  Not awesome, but reasonably
> Don't bother IMO with their phone support -- for starters, they
> sold you the system in the first place.
> For one of their older DeskJets, the networking reset keypress was
> restart the printer while holding the "Online" button.

The networking info page give me thi info:  Novell Ethernet/802.3,
firmware revision(A.01.00), node address (HW address), Jumper Select
(10Bast-T/LB ON), Linkdeat (Detected), Network No. (Unknown) and Frame
Type, Node Name (HOVD1_HUMANREL_HPIII_1), Mode (Queue Server), File
Server Name (HOVD-01).  Then it says I/O Card Not Ready : 1B  and
under that Initializing Network Adapter.  Then it gives network stats
which are all 0.

I don't know if it can use TCP/IP from that info.  When I hold down
the online button when starting the printer, it does a cold boot and
resets all the settings on the printer, but none of the JetDirect
settings.  I've got the LED display on the right side of the printer
but haven't found any level of menu that configures the JetDirect

I've spent hours combing HP's online site and even found the type of
card I have.  I called them to get a manual, but they are out of
print.  The info I need may be on their site, but I haven't found it.
They have lots of info on it, but it's oranigzed badly.  Atleast for
me it is.  Know of anything else to try?


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