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Re: specifying depth of 16 & above in xfree86-4

Well I have the same card
you can download the latest drivers from nvidia.com
and ran xf86cfg -textmode (it crashes if not in textmode)
and then set your own parameters for the monitor and the card
I think that X does not support 24 bpp for nvidia so you should set the default color to be 16bpp
Ofcourse you can manually edit XF86Config ;-)


john smith wrote:

I did not set the horizontal & vertical refresh rates myself...xf86cfg did that for me automatically..

 >>>>> "js" == john smith <inquirer23@hotmail.com> writes:

    js> Hi,
js> I have an riva tnt graphics card with a nec multi-sync monitor capable js> of resolutions of up to 1024x768 @ 87hz interlaced but I can't seem to js> make XFree work above the color depth of 8??? I'd like to be able to
    js> run at least at 16 bpp or possibly 24 but I can't get past 8!!!
js> whenever I try to run at 16 or 24 x-server doesn't start and complains js> and keeps looking for default depth 8. I can't understand why X loves
    js> 8 so much.

Did you set HorizSync and VertRefresh ranges in your config file? If
you haven't set them Xserver can take defaulted values which are too
restrictive. 16 and 24 depth modes requires quite high values of
HorizSync and VertRefresh.

Ilya Martynov
AGAVA Software Company, http://www.agava.com

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