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Re: Reconstructing Var?

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001 19:34:55 -0900 Ethan Benson <Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net>> wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 28, 2001 at 09:05:19PM -0600, John Travis wrote:
> > Is there an easy way to reconstruct the basic heirarchy and files for /var?
> > I had a reiserfs meltdown after installing 2.4.2.  I'm not really sure if it
> > was that or the new reiserutils or a combination of both.  reiserfsck
> > managed to fix everything except for /var which was pretty well hosed.  So I
> > had to dpkg -X the older version of reiserutils and install it manually.
> > Then a reiserfsck --rebuild-tree on var fixed the problem, but as expected
> > nuked _everything_ on the partition.  So is there anything easier than
> > manually creating/touching files as needed for syslogd, dpkg, gdm, etc.
> > etc.?
> if /var/lib/dpkg/* is gone and you have no backups your screwed.
> reinstall your system from scratch.  

Weird - this is exactely what happened to me two weeks ago - I was just doing
some simple scans of the hard disc and reiserfs found some bugs. It then
completely wiped /var. /var/lib/dpkg was screwed (along with everything else
in /var) so I was reduced to reinstalling. Seeing as I track woody, and have
potato disks and a 56k modem connection, it has taken some time to get back
to normal.

Sorry - no choice but to reinstall from scratch.


Matthew Sackman

Using Debian/GNU Linux
Enjoying computing

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