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RE: Lost linux partition

I boot from boot floppy only, no lilo... and the boot floppy stratightaway
loads the kernel without any lilo prompt...... and then gets stuck at Kernel
Panic: No root file system.
I do have debian rescue disk under the c: and I try to boot from there.... I
get a console....but running lilo has no meaning here....
I am afraid its lost for ever... does NAV back up the partition table before

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On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, #KUNDAN KUMAR# wrote:

> dear all,
>  My system is (was) dual boot with debian on a partition of 5 Mb and
> on the other 13 Mb. Everything was working fine till I ran the
> norton-antivirus on a file. NAV reported that the boot partition has been
> changed and this is a virus like activity. I was just out of mind and
> it to repair... which led to distruction of the last partition table. Now
> the debian can't boot.....
>  What can I do, how can i regain the last partition table? Any help will
> greatly appreciated....
> Kundan

If you're using LILO; boot from a linux-floppy and re-run lilo...



Jos Lemmerling

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