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Re: Shutting down a NIC

Well thanks for replying so soon, the problem that i had is that something put the NIC into some kind of loop, and eth0 wasn't detected because it was busy.
Solved it by cutting the power to the entire computer for 5 min, and it works now :)

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On 28/02/01 at 10:52 PM Michael Lambert wrote:
"ifconfig eth0 down" will deactivate the default nic...
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From: Jason Nord
Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2001 9:49 PM
Subject: Shutting down a NIC

Here's the situation:
I have an NE2000 compatible NIC (jumperless ISA), and when I installed Debian, it was detected and ne.o loaded fine.  After that i did a pnpdump, and since then the NIC hasn't been responding (device busy)
The "act" light on the back of the NIC is flashing, and I unloaded 8390.o and ne.o, even tried rebooting to see if it would shut it down, but no effect.
Any suggestions on how to shut it down would be appreciated!

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