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Re: mkinitrd

Ethan Benson wrote:


> what i am saying is that this method of booting is more complicated
> and thus more prone to failure, then simply hitting `y' instead of `m'
> to precisely one option in your kernel configuration.   as far as the
> rest of the system is concerned all you need to change is deleting
> initrd= from your lilo.conf or grub menu.lst.  no other changes are
> required.

I agree and I know it works. I've done method before.

> there is no legitimate reason for using an initrd in this situation
> unless you are using the standard kernel packages built by storm, and
> those will include the initrd for you.  for a custom kernel you are
> expected to configure it correctly, that is with scsi drivers compiled
> in and NOT as modules.

And if I want to build a generic kernel for a couple of friends? A retorical
question. :) No need to answer that.

> as for building initrds, its a complicated and non-trivial procedure i
> don't have time to explain such a thing. especially when its 100%
> unecessary.   just compile the scsi driver into your kernel. you could
> have done that and had your system booting with the new kernel in the
> time it has taken to write these mails.

I see. I hope I can find mkinitrd somewhere because that is the script I need.
Anyway, I thank you for your time and your persuasive answers. :)

Best regards,

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