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Re: ethernet card installation

"Chad C. Walstrom" wrote:
> Viktor Rosenfeld wrote:
> > /etc/modules should not be edited by hand.
> Don't listen to Viktor about /etc/modules.  It is meant to be edited
> by hand or by modconf(1).  Personally, I don't see why I should have
> to enter an ncurses/dialog utility when I can open up vi(1) and edit
> the file by hand.  Much quicker than having to wait for a colorful
> GUI.
> I think he ment, "/etc/modutils.conf should not be edited by hand".
> In which case, he would be correct.  And the following statement is
> why:
> > Johnny: After editing /etc/modutils/aliases, make sure to run
> > `update-modules`, otherwise your change goes unnoticed.
> update-modules does not touch /etc/modules, so don't worry about
> editing it.

Ahem, looks like Chad is right and I was wrong about /etc/modules.

I'll better check before I post the next time.

Viktor Rosenfeld
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