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Kernel upgrade

I am going to try and upgrade my kernel so I can get my lame NIC to work (Linksys LNE100TX) and add SMP support. I have a couple of questions, though:

1) How do I install the source for my current kernel? I'm running 2.2.18pre21, but there is nothing residing in /usr/src. I think I forgot to add the source in the install and have no clue how to do it now.

2) I'm planning on upgrading to 2.4.2 - anything I should be aware of? Is this a stable kernel?

3) Will I be okay if I download the kernel from my windows machine, burn it to cd, and then copy it to the linux box? I've read that sometimes problems occur when things are downloaded in Windows to be used in LInux.

4) Any advice or warnings before I dive into this? :) I'm a new linux and debian user and this will be my first kernel compile...



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