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Re: compiling a program

On Saturday 24 February 2001 16:05, Philipp Bliedung wrote:
> When I compile a program from the sources and it beakes for whatever
> reason, how can I get rid of all the files that were created so far

If it's a debian package, cd to the unpacked src-packages top directory 
(the one containing a dir named debian)  and use the command
fakeroot debian/rules clean

> And how can I find out if a new version of a package, for example
> libc6, depends on any other package? For example I tried to compile a

Newer packages have a Build-Depends line in their control file, olders 
haven't yet. There are some ways to view the control file, it is 
located in the debian directory of the source package however.

The first entry should describe the source package, the following the 
binary packages built from it. The source description might have that 
Build-Depends line ;)

greetings, martin

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