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Re: kill: cannot kill some processes

William T Wilson wrote:
> On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, brian moore wrote:
> > > does the process list "Z" under STAT ? if it is the process has gone
> >
> > Not quite true... zombies don't ever die: they're already dead.
> While the description of zombie processes is accurate, I think another
> likely situation is that the process is in "uninterruptible sleep," i.e.
> the 'D' state.  This happens when a process is blocked in a system call -
> it will be 'D' until the kernel function returns.  Kernel bugs, hardware
> problems, and dead NFS mounts can cause these kernel functions to take
> a long time or forever.

Thanks to everyone for the help.  It turns out the processes are indeed
in "uninterruptible sleep" (or 'D' under STAT).  And, as suggested, I
believe it is due to a failed NFS mount.  I will heed Colin Watson's
instruction to mount these with the '-o intr' option and see if that

Thanks again!

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