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Daniel Jones wrote:
> I have a small home network.  I'm in the process of
> configuring one box as a primary server.  I have qmail
> installed and, I believe, fully operational on this box,
> including pop3.  I can send and receive email from a local
> login on the server through pine.  On a second box, my
> primary client, I can grab mail from my server via pop3 on
> kmail.  I can't, however, send.  Do I need to load an MTA on
> the client box in order to transfer outgoing mail to the
> server, or do I have to configure the server to accept mail
> via an SMTP client?

while im not sure how debian places the files for qmail but
i run 3 qmail servers currently compiled from source and
config stuff is in /var/qmail/control there is a file
called rcpthosts which you specify the networks/domains
that you want to allow to relay. add the network and/or
domain(s) your going to relay for to it and it should
allow you. see the qmail docs for rcpthosts for more info
as i am not certain the format of the file(i know sendmail
much better then qmail ..)



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