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Re: make a raid-1 with 2 disks

Szabó Dániel wrote:
> Hello. I've stucked with this scenario. I've read the howtos and the
> documentation 10-15 times, but it did not help :(
> All i wanna do (is have some fun), to create a mirror disk system (raid1),
> so, if one of the disks fail, the other can easily (and _automatically_)
> boot up.

i've setup about 6 different systems with dual-disk raid1 arrays. what
i did was install raidtools, and read

the procedure is not quite the same as what you did(e.g. i kept
types linux native not raid autodetect) but it takes about 5 minutes
and works really good. now if i could find similar instructions for
raid0 i'd be happy :)

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