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Re: how to use gnapster....more generally...where to find cool music/sounds?

> Some days ago a friend of mine had the same problem, not being 
> able to subscribe to napster. I just gave him my username and 
> password and surprisingly we both could use napster at the same 
> time, with the same username. But it does make sense, because 
> the only thing that seems to matter is the ip adress.
> Anyway, it's surprising for me, that they don't check for already 
> used usernames.
> But I won't complain. ;)

Napster uses multiple servers, upwards of (50), I believe. I'd guess
each one is pretty much stand-alone. They don't have ONE central
authentication location. So, you and your friend may have been logged
into seperate servers. Could you see each other ?? Probably not, huh ?


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