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Re: port scare


Wow. As a matter of fact, I *am* running portsentry.

I take it then that running portsentry is not in itself a risk ...

Thanks for helping me avert my own coronary. ":-)

Glenn Becker
Online Producer, Community

At 10:45am on Sun, 18 Feb 2001, Dave Sherohman wrote:

> On Sun, Feb 18, 2001 at 10:32:58AM -0500, Glenn Becker wrote:
> > What the hell *are* these things and how did they suddenly blast open
> > after I had shut down all but three? I have changed nothing - and when I
> > check inetd.conf and the other directories I edited, they are still the
> > same. Ex: I commented out finger ages ago ... it's still commented out and
> > yet now there's an open port.
> Well, either
> a)  You've been cracked in a big way
> or 
> b)  You're running portsentry
> I suspect that b is the more likely case.  portsentry works by listening on
> otherwise unused ports and reporting any attempts to connect to them as
> potential attacks.  If you use it and you want to run a meaningful portscan
> on your box, you should shut down portsentry while performing the scan.  (One
> of the sysadmins at my last job got an nmap result like that back and just
> about had a heart attack.  Then, after half an hour of trying to figure out
> how the box had been cracked, he remembered portsentry...)
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