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gmc mime-types question


I am trying gmc (gnome midnight commander) and I find it pretty fast and
usable, but I have one major problem. Whenever I set up a mime type for a mime
type, that allready had a program (to open with) set and change it it makes no
effect, the files still try to be opened with the old programe :( I don't use 
gnome, just gmc and it just won't work for me, so avi files try to open with
xanim, when I wan't them to open with aviplay or xtheater .. is there a way to
make this work?

THX in advance!

Boštjan Müller [NEONATUS], neonatus@neonatus.net, http://neonatus.net/~neonatus
For my PGP key finger: neonatus@neonatus.net, RSA id: 0x90178DBD, ICQ #:7506644
    Celular: +386(0)41243189, Powered by Debian GNU/LiNUX , Student of VFUL
    perl -e 'print pack"H*","6e656f6e61747573406e656f6e617475732e6e65740a"'

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