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Re: A debian-based distro for the New

>> On Tue, 13 Feb 2001 msgrantmatt@netscape.net wrote:
 >> I got a few friends who are interested in (trying)linux. For TRYING
 >> purposes I want them to use a debian based Linux. I love using debian
 >> 2.2
 >> and I am pretty new my-self(1.5 year). I think it might be a little
 >> to overwelming for them. I beleive there are three to chose from
 >> Corel, Storm
 >> and Libranet.

I guess it depends on your friends.  A friend of mine introduced me to
Debian when I had a dormant P133 w/32MB of RAM.  Only reason I used
Debian was because he introduced it to me.  I had no meaningful UNIX
knowledge, and I'm not a programmer; *every* distribution would've been
overwhelming to me.

2 years later, I STILL have no meaningful UNIX knowledge, but I'm still
with Debian.  Have no real incentive to leave.  The installation /
upgrade features are terrific.  I like what it stands for, and it never
gives me any problems for what I use it for.

I'm not sure why Debian gets such low marks for newbies.  Great for
learning Linux because everything's not hidden behind a control panel.
Not for every newbie, but it now has some reputation of eating every
newbie for breakfast which is too bad.


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