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Re: A debian-based distro for the New

Anyone have any experience with DemoLinux?

Version 2.0 is based on Debian.  Its unique feature is that it runs a
complete Linux with KDE or Gnome or Enlightenment straight off of the CD
without installing to your hard drive at all.  If you like it you can
install it to your hard drive.  I ordered the CD in the hopes it would be
something easy to give to curious friends.  My copy should arrive in
today's or Monday's mail.

Homepage: http://www.demolinux.org/


On Tue, 13 Feb 2001 msgrantmatt@netscape.net wrote:

> I got a few friends who are interested in (trying)linux. For TRYING purposes I want them to use a debian based Linux. I love using debian 2.2
> and I am pretty new my-self(1.5 year). I think it might be a little to 
> overwelming for them. I beleive there are three to chose from Corel, Storm
> and Libranet.
> I have tried the first two but Libranet I have not tried yet. Anyone tried Libranet? Are there any reasons not to use the others? I wouldn't want the users to try Linux and despise it.
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