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Re: Suggestions for an easy-to-setup 10/100 net card?

mike polniak wrote:
> Jeff Weatherford wrote:
> > Bryan Carpenter wrote:
> >  >
> >  > I'm a newbie asking for help as to which network
> >  > card to buy that will "just be seen" by a standard
> >  > Debian 2.2.17 install. I've tried a Netgear FA312
> >  > and a Linksys LNE100TX rev. 4.1, but neither seems
> >  > to be easy to set up. I did try getting the "tulip"
> >  > driver from scyld.com, but it seems to require munging
> >  > to compile and use. I'm willing to spend money to get a
> >  > card that will either just "be seen" and set up by
> >  > the default install, or else at most need to have
> >  > one of the standard optional modules chosen that
> >  > are offered early in the Debian install.
>         Have done half a dozen Debian installs with D-Link DFE-530TX+
> and all kernels from 2.16 up recognize the card. It uses rtl8139 or
> rtl8139.tOO drivers. Standard module for 2.2.17 is rtl8139.
>         Kernel 2.2.18 has both modules set.
>         This card is fast and inexpensive. I have never had any problems
> installing it with Linux.
I have had good luck with the Linksys LNE2000 (Ether16 Lan), which works
seamlessly with the ne2000 driver, once you take it out of PnP mode.  It
is still being sold (by McGlen, at least), but it is an ISA card that
only does 10M.

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