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Re:Re: A debian-based distro for the New

I downloaded Libranet 1.2.2 ISO from a ftp site from Linux.org (got a T1 at work). I tried to install it and you know what, it's got a debian installer (with Libranet thrown in here and there) for Potato. I completely screwed up my system trying ( installing over RH6.2 don't ask me why, MY other system is SLINK), so I can't tell the friends to try it. 

Corel's boot sequence bugs the crap out of me because you can't see what's going on and it's slow, but It installs very nicely so does Stormix. 

I have decided to give the friends Stormix because it's easy and they don't
need to associate Linux with Corel Draw/Photopaint(and something about selling there assets to someone I can't stand). I get pissed at stuff like that. 

I still want to try Progeny because The seem like they got a good product coming. I promise I will have a pure debian system at all times.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions and opinions

Phillip Deackes <gsmh@gmx.co.uk> wrote:
> On Tue, 13 Feb 2001 15:44:45 -0500
> msgrantmatt@netscape.net wrote:
> > I got a few friends who are interested in (trying)linux. For TRYING
> > purposes I want them to use a debian based Linux. I love using debian
> > 2.2
> > and I am pretty new my-self(1.5 year). I think it might be a little to 
> > overwelming for them. I beleive there are three to chose from Corel,
> > Storm
> > and Libranet.
> > 
> > I have tried the first two but Libranet I have not tried yet. Anyone
> > tried Libranet? Are there any reasons not to use the others? I wouldn't
> > want the users to try Linux and despise it.
> I am not happy about Libranet at all. There appears to be no upgrade path
> at all using apt-get, there is nothing worthy of mention on the Libranet
> ftp site. The only way to upgrade a Libranet distribution is to add Debian
> sources to sources.list - the Libranet-specific apps do not seem to be
> available at all. If this is so it would seem pointless to bother with
> Libranet unless you are happy purchasing further CDs in the future to keep
> the Libranet apps current. This goes completely against the Debian
> philosophy of easy upgardability over the 'net using apt.
> Libranet also does not allow downloading of its distribution - to use it
> you have to buy a CD. Even Corel provides a freely-downloadable iso image.
> I emailed Libranet about these points and they stated that they merely
> create a Debian build at a particular moment in time. They feel that using
> Debian sources is entirely reasonable. I feel this compares very badly
> with the sterling efforts Stormix Technologies put into their
> distribution. Libranet seems to be doing very little indeed in comparison.
> I would be interested to know what they are giving back to the Debian
> community.
> No, the rising star in the Debian fold, apart from Debian itself, of
> course, appears to be Progeny Debian. Beta 3 is available for free
> download and is actually very usable indeed - maybe even for the new user.
> The install is certainly very straightforward.
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> Phillip Deackes
> Using Progeny Debian Linux
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