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Re: A debian-based distro for the New

Quoting Steve Hunger of  beta progeny...

"Getting Progeny Debian Beta 3.  For speed and convenience, you can
download the CD and boot disk(s) images from same location as before from
http://archive.progeny.com/images/ If you have successfully installed
>from beta 2 and decide not to install again, be sure to update/upgrade
the packages as many have changed. Be sure to read the release notes for
information on this release of the beta. (We still need the installer
tested as several problems have been fixed) The release notes are
available at http://archive.progeny.com/RELNOTES.beta3

You can also upgrade your system to get the beta 3 enhancements
>from the archive site. To do this, add the following path to your
/etc/apt/sources.list file.
        deb http://archive.progeny.com progeny main contrib non-free
Then from the command line run:
         apt-get update apt-get dist-upgrade"

'nuff said :)

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Subject: Re: A debian-based distro for the New

> >No, the rising star in the Debian fold, apart from Debian itself, of
> >course, appears to be Progeny Debian. Beta 3 is available for free
> >download and is actually very usable indeed - maybe even for the new
> >The install is certainly very straightforward.
> >
> I realise this is wandering OT now.. but the progeny website only mentions
beta 2 (which i found combined the worst features of debian and a commerical
distro for little gain)
> where would one find beta 3?
> John
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