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X Problems

Hallo Debian Support,

I've got a Problem here!My X-Server just won't work with Debian!I can't
fix it!I have allround Hardware here but doesn't work!
My Hardware:
1.Intel 740 PCI
2.Soundblaster 16 PnP
3.Voodoo II
4.Haupauge PCI
5.Logitech Mouse M-BE58 (First/Pilot Wheel Mouse)
6.4,2 GB IDE 
7.Epson 760 Printer
8.Arowana Modem (ext.)
9.Cherry Keyboard

All that Hardware works fine with "Mandrake,Suse,Red Hat,BeOS,Win9x...

...but the Problem is that the XF86 config. doesn't work with that
Stuff,Hmmm?Thats interesting!

I can't complete any Install. within Debian.I checked any Config. (about
one week!) I'm no Newbie,but
whats the Point?An old XFconfig Package?
No compatible Hardware (Shure,I'm not thinking in that way...It's just
Standard Hardware)

Do You have any Idea?


No Mouse workin'
No 800x600 Resolution
No 3DFX Support
A real bad X-Config. after setting up!

I'm not an UNIX Expert but Installed a Huge kinda OS till now,but no

Please give me that little TIP that will get me working with Debian as
soon as Possible!

Thanks,Andreas (Thanks for any Troubleshooting!)

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