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Re: Shell-script question

On Sun, Feb 11, 2001 at 02:26:51PM +0100, Andre Berger wrote:
> I wrote a shell script "/usr/local/bin/mailcheck" (/usr/local/bin/ is in
> $PATH of my potato bash) that gives a list of pon "targets" (diff.
> ISPs), and is owned by root., perms 755. I've virtually no experience
> with shell scripting, so it may be poor quality. Anyway: If the script
> is invoked from a command line within or outside X, it works.  If it's
> invoked via "rxvt -e mailcheck" or "rxvt -ls -e mailcheck", everything
> looks normal, but nothing's dialed. 

just guessing...: maybe you have different sets of environment
variables for the different invocations. From where do you execute the
"rxvt ..."? You might want to put a "set >/tmp/somefile" in your script
and see if the relevant env settings differ from where you can invoke
it successfully...


Erdmut Pfeifer
science+computing gmbh

-- Bugs come in through open windows. Keep Windows shut! --

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