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Re: HP 9100 series cd -writer?

On Thu, 8 Feb 2001, mike polniak wrote:

> > After changing 'aliases' and changing lilo and running 'update-modules'
> > and running 'lilo'...  
> > 
> > It still doesn't work. When trying to install xcdroast it still
> > complaining: 'no generic scsi support'...
> > 
> > _________
> > 
> > Could I just change in the 
> > 
> > /boot/config-2.2.17
> > 
> > the line:
> > ________
> > 
> > into
> > ________
> > 
> > and remove that 'append line in lilo'?
> 	Well since idecd is not a module, you need the append line.
> The only way to change idecd to a module is to compile a new kernel.
> 	But your kernel must also set CONFIG_SCSI and CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SR.
> Now i assume you have CONFIG_CHR_DEV_SG and CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDESCSI set.
> 	If any of these are not set in your current kernel configuration
> you will have to compile a new kernel and set them as modules.

Thanks, a lot


This seems to be an exact answer. 
What I actually asked above, was the question if it is enough to just
change (using a text editor) the lines in


into something else (eg 'y' to 'm', eg that ide-scsi line) without
compiling completely a new kernel. 

I'm a bit lazy to compile the whole kernel (I've done it a couple of
times years ago and I know that will take time.) I actually tried to just
load a new kernel image and was assuming that it would solve the whole
problem. That will not take any long time.
Maybe it will, I will see it today.

I know that some time this cd-rom burner has been working with this
system, (and I'm confused what have happened with the system) and just now
I'm a little bit busy to get this system hardware working relatively
completely and later I'll have time to compile the kernel to make the
system really well working. 


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