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linuxconf/changing IP setup ...


OK, I feel very silly. I believe there was a post to the list on the
subject of changing one's IP post-installation, but I didn't think I'd
need it, so I deleted it.

Anyhoo, we wound up having to change DSL providers, so I got a brand new
IP, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS #s tonight. Unf. I could find
files (/etc/hosts) that cited the IP#, but nothing that referenced the

Someone in the #Debian channel on openprojects.net mentioned the linuxconf
package, which I unf did not have installed. I finally got it installed
(from CD) but it so far has not allowed me to connect out (I'm on the
wife's Mac typing this, how embarassing ...heh).

linuxconf keeps reporting errors after I commit to the changes I make. I
noticed that even after I'd *made* these changes, the IP # in /etc/hosts
was still the *old* one, so something appears not to be happening.

Has anyone else had trouble with this program? Is there an easier way to
re-work my networking setup? Are there a limited # of files I have to edit
and if so, what are they? I'll edit by hand and dump linuxconf. Please
some one send me a copy of that recent post on this subject (I looked but
can't find it in the archives) if it/its followups answer this question. I
DON'T WANT TO REINSTALL my system if I don't have to!

Thanks, apologies for the stressed tone.


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