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Re: Memory Problems on Compaq Prosignia w/Potato

Ian Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just recently installed Potato on a Compaq Prosignia 300
> Server with 64M of RAM.  Checking free, however, shows only
> 13M.  The Bios reports the correct amount on startup, and the
> previous OS (NT) also had no problems with the memory.  I tried
> adding an append="mem=64M" line to Lilo.conf, but that has not
> helped.

 I had the same problem with SuSe on my Prosignia an found that there is
a special
 program on Compaq's site, it's called the Compaq Siystems Cofiguration
Utillity. You have to run
this from a dos partition to upgrade your Bios with the new mem amound.


good luck
 Mark Lamers
 I thought that the kernel was supposed to autodetect up to
> 64M anyway.  Should I just do a clean reinstall, or does anyone
> have an idea of how to fix this?
> thanks,
> -Ian
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