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I assume you mean Linux :). DSL is easy. Get a external DSL router 
(The Cisco 675 works *very* well) Your provider may want to push a 
internal card on you don't go there. The external is worth the 
extra money. Get a good supported NIC. (Most providers will give 
you one insist on PCI and a good brand all that good stuff.) 
Basically if you then install Debian (This all assumes Potato or 
better) it will ask you for device drivers. Choose the right 
drivers for your card. It will then ask you if you want to use 
dhcp or bootp if you have to tell it yes if you have a static IP 
tell it no. Then give it the right information for your IP gateway 
dns servers etc. It will then work just like any other network. 
Setting up the router is specific to the provider but most 
provider ship them with sensible defaults and you should be good 
to go. Just one word of advice if you do get the Cisco give it a 
password (by default they have none) also consider looking at 
www.floppyfw.org and spending a couple hundred in hardware to set 
up a firewall and save yourself alot of pain. That is really all 
there is to it. Have fun. 
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From: Robert Tucker <gubder@pacbell.net>
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Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 22:10:41 -0800

>Ok. I'm a lost sheep. I want to install zenix as my operating 

>(and trash Windows). I have read everything I can find and I find
>nothing that addresses DSL. What I am looking for is a package 

that will
>allow me to use my DSL connection with debian as my OS. I am not
>familiar with zenix at all and would appreciate whatever help I 

>get.  Thanks.
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