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Re: Old news : Opera Free 4 Linux

Joris Lambrecht <jlambrec@landis.be> wrote:
>Free Browser Coming for Linux and Mac Posted by amrdog @ 2:02 Post Comment
>The Netscape-Microsoft Browser Wars are no longer at their peak, but that
>doesn't mean that the browser market is at a stand-still. There are many
>other browser alternatives out there for users of all platforms. The most
>popular of these alternatives is Opera, a small, quick web browser published
>in Norway. On Thursday, according to ZDNet, Opera will become free for Linux
>and Mac platforms. You can get more information here, and also check out
>Opera's homepage for details about the browser.

(Where was the link?)

IIRC, Opera is now free-as-in-beer, but it's still not free in the DFSG
sense, which is a great shame; it would be great if it could go into

Perhaps it could be distributed by Debian in non-free, though. I might
have a look at its licence.

I've been using Konqueror at work for a week or so now after Netscape
somehow started crashing my machine hard. I must say that it's a very
nice browser, and much faster than Mozilla. You don't need to be running
KDE either, which is good for me as I'm a GNOME/sawfish type.

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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