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Re: partitioning 45 gig HD

On Sunday 04 February 2001 07:20, ktb wrote:
> To get around the 1024 thing put the line -
> lba32
> in your /etc/lilo.conf file or use the -L option.
> # lilo -L
> As far as partitioning primary vs. logical I think you can have 2 or
> so primary and as many logical as you need.  I may be wrong on that. 
> I'm sure someone will correct me if I am.  I don't think it matters
> that much.  cfdisk or fdisk won't let you create more primary
> partitions than you are allowed anyway.  I generally start with a /
> primary partition. hth,
> kent

Just wanted to note that you can have four primary partitions.  This 
includes one primary extended, which can house as many logicals as you 
need (I read something somewhere about 64 being the upper limit but I'm 
not sure if that is even true...althoug if you need more than 64 
logicals on one drive you are in trouble ;-).  All of my GNU/Linux 
stuff is logical.  There was some little complaint when installing 
Debian about my /boot not being a primary, but it is obviously possible.


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