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Re: partitioning 45 gig HD

On Saturday, February 03, 2001 at 22:07:29 (-0800), Nick wrote:
> I don't know much about the 1024 cyclinder except that you need to install root somewhere before it.

We're talking about i386, right?

On older systems, the kernel image had to be before that boundary. I
usually made a separate /boot partition right at the beginning of the
disk, then / could be anywhere (well, almost).

> How can I tell w/ my drive?  Using a IBM Deskstar ATA/100 45 Gig

AFAIK, LILO in potato supports LBA32 addressing scheme. With that HDD and
a recent BIOS, where recent is late 1997, you should _theoretically_ be
able to boot from anywhere on that drive. Still you can use the
beforementioned approach.

> I wanna make:
> /
> /usr
> /home
> /data maybe?

Are you asking for size estimates? Heavily depends on desired usage.

> How do I know when to use primary vs. logical?

You can only use a limited number of primary partitions. Primary and
logical cannot be intermixed in any combination (you cannot put a primary
between two logical partitions).

With Linux, you don't *need* primary partitions, you can exclusively use
logical partitions, if you wish.

FYI, I currently have:

hda1     50MB /boot [Primary]
hda2   2000MB /home [Primary]
hda5    100MB /     [Logical]
hda6   2500MB /usr  [Logical]
hda7   1000MB /var  [Logical]

Where '/usr' is too big and '/home' and '/var' are too small...

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