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Re: partitioning 45 gig HD


thanks for your suggestions. Making a /boot partition at the being of the
drive makes sense.

I only other question would be, when I install my system from the CD, do I
want to write Lilo to the MBR or do I choose another partition, meaning the
new /boot ~20mb

And if so, is it compatiable w/ windozs 2000 boot menu?

I was able to set up a quad. boot machine. Windows 98 on the first
partition, Linux second, Windows 2000 and Dos 6.0 accessable through windows
98 (boot in ms-dos)
I used only 2 partitions for Linux thought / and /swap 32mb or so.

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> On Saturday, February 03, 2001 at 22:07:29 (-0800), Nick wrote:
> > I don't know much about the 1024 cyclinder except that you need to
install root somewhere before it.
> We're talking about i386, right?
> On older systems, the kernel image had to be before that boundary. I
> usually made a separate /boot partition right at the beginning of the
> disk, then / could be anywhere (well, almost).
> > How can I tell w/ my drive?  Using a IBM Deskstar ATA/100 45 Gig
> AFAIK, LILO in potato supports LBA32 addressing scheme. With that HDD and
> a recent BIOS, where recent is late 1997, you should _theoretically_ be
> able to boot from anywhere on that drive. Still you can use the
> beforementioned approach.
> > I wanna make:
> > /
> > /usr
> > /home
> > /data maybe?
> Are you asking for size estimates? Heavily depends on desired usage.
> > How do I know when to use primary vs. logical?
> You can only use a limited number of primary partitions. Primary and
> logical cannot be intermixed in any combination (you cannot put a primary
> between two logical partitions).
> With Linux, you don't *need* primary partitions, you can exclusively use
> logical partitions, if you wish.
> FYI, I currently have:
> hda1     50MB /boot [Primary]
> hda2   2000MB /home [Primary]
> hda5    100MB /     [Logical]
> hda6   2500MB /usr  [Logical]
> hda7   1000MB /var  [Logical]
> Where '/usr' is too big and '/home' and '/var' are too small...
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