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Re: Can't use all 256M of ram!!

Hall Stevenson wrote:

> I think your way is the key... you should specify about 1mb less than
> you actually have. Again, with "modern" kernels, higher than 2.0.36 and
> a relatively modern motherboard/bios, this "append" statement is no
> longer needed.

there seems to be a bios option in many systems that change wether
you need append= or not too. i have 3 identical systems with identical
bios versions(Supermicro dual p3-800s) 2 of them "detect" 64MB and
reboot normally. the 3rd one "detects" 256MB correctly but hangs on
reboot. since the machines arrived in different geographical regions
i haven't had the chance to compare bios settings.

also, last year when i owned an abit bp6(*shudder*) the system detected
all 256MB, but when i did a flash upgrade i had to start using the
append=256MB ..

so, i guess what im gettin at is even the new boards have to have this
sometimes, depends on the bios configuration(the dual p3-800 boards
came on the market about 3 months ago)


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