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Re: Can't use all 256M of ram!!

That is strange. How much ram does it reconize when you run top after
you boot? I am not using any append options in lilo.conf, and linux
recognizes all 256 mb of my RAM.

* Cameron Matheson (mkarl1@qwest.net) wrote:
> Hey,
> After installing potato, I added:
> append="mem=256M"
> to my lilo.conf, but when I tried to boot, my kernel panicked, which had never happened before (even though that's the same line I've used in the past).  I tried decreasing the amount of ram in the append line, but to no avail.  When I comment the line out, everything's fine.  I don't understand why it used to work, and now it doesn't.
> Thanks,
> Cameron Matheson
Charlie Yao <cyao2@san.rr.com>
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