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Re: more post-upgrade weirdness: debconf

Glenn Becker wrote:
> 1) when I run command debconf as root (or non), I get command not found
> 2) when I run man debconf, the system grinds for a bit, spits out some of
> those 'dangling symlink' man page warnings, and finally says there is no
> man page for debconf. HOWEVER
> 3) when I apt-get install debconf, the system tells me that debconf is
> already the most recent version, and
> 4) if I try to apt-get remove debconf, I'm told a giant slew of packages
> are *ALSO* gonna be deleted.
> 5) update-alternatives --config debconf gives no alternatives for debconf.
> What gives?

Just because there is a package named debconf does not mean it has to
provide a program by that name.

see shy jo

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