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Cursor in X YEEEESSSS!!!! and Thanks

Thanks to all for the helpful hints and the patience in helping me.  The one line in Section "Device" <Option  "sw_cursor"> did the trick at least so far.  I like a trackball so much I got a new Logitech Marble Mouse and plugged it in with a little fear and trepidation that I would start the help cycle all over.  It works great!.  My thanks to all.  My apologies to anyone I missed. 
New Subject:  Ghost in the X window. 
Pop up menus and the mouse produce a ghost beside them.  Although the  ghost consists of horizontal lines, I need to fix it.  Several of you noted that I may have not configured the viedo card correctly.  I will go flutz around and try to come up with some intelligent questions. 
Thanks Much  John Hammack@ridgenet.net

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