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Re: setting language

On 02 Feb 2001 15:28:55 +0100, Radu Muschevici wrote:
> A few days ago I upgraded from potato to testing(woody). In the uprgrade
> process I was asked to set the language, but then, unfortunately, I have 
> chosen not to do so.
> Since then, many programs (bash, mutt, all GTK Apps) cannot display special
> characters properly, like german Umlauts etc.
> How can I correct this?

Edit /etc/locale.gen, then run locale-gen as root. Set the locale env
variables (LC_*) so that it fits your needs. Explore the packages
language-env and user-de. Go to the list archive and look up the
numerous questoins that have been asked (and somtimes even answered)
about locales in the last several weeks.

Good luck


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