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Re: KDM crash


Didn't see a response to your mail. The kde address doesn't look
correct either (what is it?). This sounds like a qt issue my friend
had not very long ago (2-3weeks). Try to start kde2 without a manager
so you can read the errors and see if that is the case. I am subscribed
to debian-kde@lists.debian.org and that might be a good alternative 
for help with qt's.


Best of luck

On Wednesday 31 January 2001 10:10, techlists@techgod.net wrote:
> I was working in KDE 2.0 fine.  I had installed licq via dselect.  I run
> Debian 2.2 r2.  I tried to bring up the menu editor to make a link on it to
> licq.  But everytime I clicked on the menu editor, it would not come up.
> Stupidly I hit ctrl+alt+backspace to get out of kde so I could restart the
> X server.  KDM started to come up the the screen went back to console mode.
> I rebooted, but the same thing happens.  I used dselect to un-install kdm
> and then reinstall it, no luck.  I installed GDM, it comes up on boot, but
> when I try to log in, I choose KDE as the session to load, but it starts to
> load, then kicks me back out to GDM. If I type startx it x comes up, but
> without a window manager, just the grey screen.  I've looked in the system
> error logs, but find nothing.  If I type kdm it just gives me another
> prompt, no errors.
> Wayne


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