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Re: tripple booting dos/win/linux

Not sure how you would set things up with the install you have. What I
have done in the past is to install DOS, then install Windows (95) on the
same partition. During the install you will be asked where you want to
install Windows. Choose another directory so that you don't clobber
DOS. The Windows install will set up so that your boot process will be
able to boot to either one. A normal boot will go to Windows. If you hit
F8 right after the BIOS finishes setting up, you will get a menu, giving
the options of Normal, Safe Mode, Step by Step, etc. The last item in the
list is to Boot to Previous Version of DOS. Choose it and you will load

Now install Linux. The Debian install process will ask you where you want
to install lilo, you want Master Boot Record. It will also ask you if
you have another operating system. Answer those questions and you should
have a dual-boot system, linux and windows. Use the F8 key to get to DOS.

If you are using NT, you will likey want to use the NT boot loader
instead. There is a HOW-TO on linuxdoc.org about it. 


Ernest Johanson
Web Systems Administrator
Fuller Theological Seminary

> On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Ken Weingold wrote:
> > On Thu, Jan 25, 2001, Saqib Shaikh wrote:
> > > hi, how is it possible to tripple boot dos/win/linux?  what i have done so
> > > far is:
> > > 1.  installed dos
> > > 2.  changed the fs type for fat16 to xenix, and windows then installs fine
> > > since it doesn't find dos.
> > > 3. installed linux.
> > > 4. now, i can boot either windows or linux fine.
> > > 5. if i now change xenix back to fat16 i cannot boot either dos or windows.
> > > what i require is a way, in lilo.conf for example, for hiding the dos
> > > partition when windows loads and hiding the windows partition when dos
> > > loads. how is this possible? could you send a sample lilo.conf?
> > > dos is on hda1, win on hda2, linux on hda3 and swap is hda5 (extended.
> > > saqib
> >
> > I would highly recommend System Commander.  It is a boot manager that
> > will deal with all this seamlessly.  You can even have it hide
> > partitions, so you can install Windows with DOS already there.  Right
> > now I have running on my system: DOS 6.22, Win95 OSR2, Windows 2000,
> > and Linux.  All running just fine.
> >
> >
> >
> > -Ken
> >
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