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Re: Control CPU fan's speed

Arcady Genkin wrote:
> So I got this new motherboard (ASUS CUSL2-C), and I hear that one of
> the Windows utilities that come with it can control CPU fan's speed.
> I thought that it would be very nice (I have no way of checking),
> since the native Intel's fan on my PIII wants to be a jet-plane
> turbine.

for good reason! i got 12 fans in my box and a MASSIVE cpu fan(i think
it pulls 25cfm or something) and my p3-800 still runs at 50C(AFAIK
when its idle, as i can't query the cpu from linux yet lm_sensors
doesn't support the chip..so 50C is from the bios)

i have a system at work with only about 4 fans, and the cpu reads
at 50C too (P3-733). ..

(again reading it from the bios, its the same asus mb as what i have
at home - CUV4X)

i fear the thought of slowing my cpu fan down..probably cause a burnout.

my k6-3 400 with 8 fans runs at a nice 15C. oh how i miss good 'ol
amd socket 7 chips..


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