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Re: mem management between Debian and Red Hat?

Ken Weingold <hazmat@hellrot.org> wrote:
>I am setting up the WebTrends Enterprise Reporting Server on my Debian 
>box here.  It's for work and the only think this machine will be 
>running.  They say that the Linux version is for Red Hat.  I don't 
>buy that and am running Debian.  There is a problem that they haven't 
>seen there before and I lied and said I am running Red Hat since they 
>might not give me support if I say I am running Debian.  Now I think
>that Linux is Linux is Linux, but the problem is that WebTrends runs
>fine, but doesn't release the memory it uses even after you shut down

If the process is no longer running, then Linux is just speculatively
keeping things in memory in case you start things up again. There's no
need to worry about this, as it's normal behaviour; if you actually need
the memory it will be freed.

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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